Starting at $47/mo

A book package every month!

1 Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Dystopian novel with 3-4 book inspired goodies delivered to your door monthly.

Our bookish goodies are sourced from local Canadian small vendors and include items such as candles, pins, bookmarks, socks and so much more!

Adventure + Comfort in one box.


September's Theme:

Reserve yours on August 25th!


1. Enter the Chamber

Choose your book subscription package - Monthly, 3 month subscription, or 6 month subscription. 

2. Rest for the adventure ahead

Be assured we are busy carefully packing the contents of your Chamber of Fables box and it will ship soon.

3. The time has come!

Your Chamber of Fables box has arrived! Enjoy reading your hand-picked adventure and show off your bookish goodies on social media!

Join the next adventure

If you love reading an exciting story, you will love The Fabled Box. No more endlessly scrolling through Kindle to find a book to read, we pick the book for you! But Chamber of Fables is so much more than just a book in a box, we take the time to find products for you to enjoy alongside your monthly story. 

Immerse yourself in a fantasy experience with The Fabled Box.


How often will I get this box?

We curate 1 box a month but you can chose how you subscribe to that box. Choose month to month (with the option to skip a month) or you can plan ahead and prepay for a 3-month or 6-month subscription. 

Your first box will ship on the 2-5th of the following month. Please order by the 15th to get the current box. For existing subscribers, we ship on the 2-5th of every month. 

What's in the box?

Every box will come with 1 book that will be one of the following genres: Fantasy, Dystopian or Sci-Fi, but that's not all! You'll receive 3 - 4 book inspired goodies (ex. Butterbeer tea, Dumbledoor bookmark, Broomstick Candle). The book and bookish goodies will be inspired by an exciting monthly theme that ties it all together! 

What makes Chamber of Fables unique?

We work with small Canadian vendors to support local business. All our products are handmade here in Canada so you can feel good about supporting companies who truly appreciate your purchase. Our books are not just from one genre, but are chosen from 3 different genres! We offer Fantasy, Dystopian and Sci-Fi novels for all sorts of #booknerds.